iPhone 11 Pro Camera Compared to $13,000 100MP DSLR

iPhone 11 Pro Night Mode

Apple has heavily focused on the iPhone 11 Pro’s camera this year. While it may not beat the likes of the Pixel 3, Galaxy Note 10+ and Huawei Mate 30 Pro, it does offer a better camera experience than other smartphones in the market. So, how does the iPhone 11 Pro’s camera compare to a 100MP DSLR?

YouTuber Photoshop Dad has compared the iPhone 11 Pro’s camera to a medium format DSLR. The 100MP DSLR used in the video is a Fujifilm GFX100 which costs $13,000 while the iPhone 11 Pro with its 12MP camera starts at $999. In terms of resolution, the iPhone 11 Pro is obviously at a massive disadvantage but then there’s also a huge price difference between the two. However, resolution is not everything as we will see from the comparison.

First, some comparison samples from the video:

iPhone vs DSLR
iPhone DSLR Comparison

Before you go ahead, make a mental note of which photos you prefer — the one on the left or the right. Do note that the iPhone 11 Pro photos were shot in RAW and then post-processed later on. With that out of the way, its time for the results.

In the first comparison, the photo on the left is taken from the iPhone 11 Pro while the right one is taken from the Fuji GFX100. In the second comparison, the iPhone 11 Pro photo is on the right. Again, the iPhone 11 Pro photo has been heavily edited but nonetheless, it shows just how good its camera is.

One might be able to tell the difference between the two photos when one starts pixel peeping, but at first glance or when viewing the photos on a smartphone, most people would be unable to tell which photo has been taken from which device.

I think the whole comparison does a great job of showing just how much one can push the iPhone 11 Pro’s camera with the right set of tools and skills. The iPhone’s camera is nowhere near as good as the Fuji GFX100 and this will be prominent in low-light and indoor situations, but the very thing that it can challenge the latter in daylight photos is no small feat.