Luna Display Starts Offering Mac-to-Mac Mode Which Lets You Connect Mac as a Secondary Display

Luna Display is known for offering a solution that helps you convert the iPad into a second display. Now the company has announced a new offering that will let you use any Mac as a secondary display. In other words, you can use two Macs with one as a primary device and the other one as a secondary monitor.

The solution is not wireless and you will have to buy Luna Display dongle which needs to be plugged into the second Mac. It is available in USB-C and DisplayPort option both costing $69.99. It is worth noting that Luna is currently offering a 25 percent discount throughout the day.

As far as minimum requirements are concerned, the driver/primary Macs needs to be running OS X El Capitan and above, meanwhile secondary Mac needs to be running OS X Mountain Lion and above. That apart both the Macs are required to be connected to the same WiFi/Ethernet. You can access the settings and other options by using the Luna Display app. You can also use Luna’s dongle to convert your old Mac into a secondary display.

Giovanni Donelli, Luna Display co-founder said “With all of the hype around Sidecar, one of the biggest gripes we’ve heard is that it only works with a limited range of Mac models,” he further added “That got us thinking about how we can push Luna Display to bring even more value to our Mac devices.”

Once you plugin Luna’s dongle then you will be able to control full keyboard, trackpad, and mouse. This reminds me, Apple used to offer a similar feature on Mac, however, it seems to have discontinued the same. Apple has been aggressively pitching features like Sidecar and Continuity.

[via Luna]