This Lightweight And Portable Translator Keeps You In Communication [Deals Hub]

Got a language barrier you’d like to overcome? The CM Translator is the perfect solution. This ultralight and portable device can tag along anywhere you need it to, providing you instant translations so you can communicate. And though this translator typically costs $129, it’s available now in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for 23% off at just $99 in two colors, black and white.

Let CM Translator provide instant two-way translation and real-time recording when you need it most. With just one-button you can instantly translate — just click and hold to talk, then release to hear the translation. It comes equipped with an ultra-long battery life, 180 days of standby time and 24 hours of continuous use, so its ready to tag along on your next vacation. Just pick from one of the 6 languages, English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Thai, and communicate with ease.

Get the CM Translator in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub today for just $99. It’s available in white and black.