New Tile Pro, Mate, Slim, Sticker Tracker Lineup Is Water Resistant, Can Stick to Anything

Tile is known for its Bluetooth trackers and the company has now launched a new tracker lineup. The new lineup is designed to keep a track of all belongings and the list includes wallets, laptops, TV remotes, bicycles and much more. Tile has worked on the form factor and the new trackers are compact and can easily be stuck to things.

Tile Sticker

The Tile Sticker is priced at $39.99 and for the price, you will get two trackers. It is circular in shape and can be mounted on your belongings. You can choose to mount it on your bicycle or just toss it in your backpack. Either way, you will never lose your things. Furthermore, the Tile Sticker offers three years of battery life and is waterproof. The company claims that you can stick the tracker to anything thanks to the “serious adhesive.”

Tile Slim

The Tile Slim is a card-shaped tracker that can easily be slid in your pocket. It seems to be thicker than a credit card, however, the shape is so convenient that you might eventually forget it is there in your pocket. As far as pricing is concerned, the Tile Slim sells at $29.99. Meanwhile, the company has also updated Tile Mate. Priced at $24.99, Mate now offers 200 feet tracking and allows you to favorite stuff. It offers one year of battery life and is water-resistant.

Tile Pro

If you are looking for something to secure expensive gadgets then Tile Pro seems like a good choice. Priced at $34.99, the Tile Pro offers the loudest ring and a range of 400 feet. Like others, it is water-resistant and offers one year of battery life. All the new devices continue offering the “Community Find” feature which alerts you when the tracker comes in the proximity of other Tile users. It is worth noting that Apple is expected to launch its own tracker in the near future.

[via Tile]