Twitter Releases Catalyst Mac App for macOS Catalina on the App Store

Twitter for Mac app icon

Twitter today released its Catalyst app on the Mac App Store for macOS Catalina. The company had killed the official Mac app back in 2018 after not updating it for a few months.

Back then, Twitter had said that it was killing its Mac app to focus on the web client. When Apple announced Catalyst with macOS Catalina — a tool to port iPad apps to Mac, Twitter announced that it would bring its iPad app to the Mac. With macOS Catalina now out, the company has gone ahead and released its Catalyst port of Twitter app on the Mac App Store.

The Catalyst Twitter for Mac app does have Dark mode, support for keyboard shortcuts, and full-screen support.

While the app works just fine, the experience is not as good as what a native Mac app would offer. The blame here lies with Apple and not with Twitter. It is clear that Catalyst still needs a lot of work before we can see quality ports of iPad apps on the Mac. For example, for some strange reason, the Twitter app has a double-toolbar which just looks odd.

Twitter for Mac Catalyst

Nonetheless, it is a good start from Twitter and Apple here. As the company further improves Catalyst, we are going to see UI/UX improvements in all apps that were ported using Catalyst as well.