iFixit: 16-inch MacBook Pro Live Teardown Reveals New Keyboard Is Similar to Magic Keyboard

Apple’s latest 16-inch MacBook Pro has now been taken apart by the team at iFixit. As always we get to know the hardware secrets via the product teardown. The teardown is broadcasted live on YouTube and we have embedded the same below.


16-inch MacBook Pro Hands-on has mostly been positive, especially the new keyboard. iFixit has taken apart the keyboard and has given an overview of internal components. Moreover, the folks at iFixit will soon post a detailed teardown.

At this point in time, iFixit has unraveled some interesting stuff about the new keyboard. It is now confirmed that the design of the keyboard is identical to the ones on Apple’s Magic Keyboard and earlier MacBook models. In other words, the new keyboard on MacBook Pro is actually an old keyboard.

Unlike the butterfly keyboard, each caps are replaceable. iFixit also went ahead and successfully replaced a MacBook Pro key with one from the Magic Keyboard. Under the hood, the MacBook Pro seems to borrow quite a lot from its predecessor, especially the layout. That apart the SSD and RAM are mounted on logic board which means they are not replaceable. We will have access to greater details once the complete teardown is published.

Compared to the outgoing 15.4-inch MacBook Pro, the new 16-inch MacBook Pro is a massive upgrade in almost every department. The 16-inch Retina Display has a peak brightness level of 500 nits along with a slightly higher resolution. In terms of specifications, the new MacBook Pro still comes with Intel’s 9th gen Core i7 and i9 processors that were also found on the outgoing models. The processor options include 6-core and 8-core Core i9 CPU that can clock as high as 5GHz.

[via iFixit]