Improve Your iPhone Pics With This Fleet of Photo Editing Apps [Deals Hub]

With iPhones constantly in our hand, we can capture beautiful photographs at any moment. Only problem? Sometimes they’re in need of a little help in the editing department. If you’ve ever wanted to edit and improve your own smartphone photos, the Anamorphic Pro Visual Effects Mac Bundle can help. It comes with six apps geared toward improving your pictures for just $25 in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub with promo code “BFSAVE15” at checkout,  82% off what these apps would usually cost all together, $168.95.

These six Mac photo enhancing apps are ready to take your raw snaps and transform them into beautiful photos. And they’re easy to use, so there’s no PhotoShop-level skillset needed.

The first app included? Anamorphic Pro, a professional lens blur tool that lets you edit iPhone Portrait Mode photos on your Mac. You’ll get all the beenfits of a true anamorphic depth of field without shelling out a lot for expensive lenses.

Next, DepthCam Pro is an app that lets you crop your Portrait Mode photos via a tool called Smart Crop. It also preserves the PEM in any iOS photos that have it embedded, and lets you create 3D photos that you can share on Facebook!

If you’ve been hoping to add optical effects to your snaps, LensFlare Studio will be your go-to. It’s a powerful light manipulation tool that lets you choose from lens flares, lighting effects, glares, bokeh and more.

Is the sky not cooperating in your favorite photo? SkyLab Studio lets you drop one of the app’s carefully designed skies on your photo to improve the picture. And there’s a fun bonus: you can also add birds, trees and clouds!

Reflect Studio lets you add reflections to your photos, using reflective surfaces like oceans, ice, floors, beaches and more. You can customize the reflection type as you go, adjusting wave size, fog, blur, color and more.

Last up, Circular Studio. This app lets you create beautiful images from sky objects using real-time image editing. You can adjust the image zoom, rotation, invert-mode and repeats, while including visual effects like sky decorations, centers and flares.

Ready to improve your photos! Snag the Anamorphic Pro Visual Effects Mac Bundle in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub today for just $25 with promo code: BFSAVE15.

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