iOS 14 Concept Envisions New System Icons, Split View, Always-On Display, More

iOS 14 Concept

With iOS 13 now out, everyone is looking forward to iOS 14 and the new features that it will bring to the table. The latest concept surrounding iOS 14 envisions Apple adding a number of thoughtful features to the OS.

This all starts with new system icons that will help refresh the look of the OS and give it a nice mid-cycle UI refresh. The concept then goes on to envision that Apple will add GIF integration in the native iOS keyboard and add Split View multitasking on the iPhone along with drag and drop support.

This concept of iOS 14 also imagines how Apple could bring Always-On display with complications and multi-user support to the iPhone. With Apple adding Always-on Display to the Apple Watch Series 5 this year, it might be possible that the company could end up adding a similar feature on the iPhones within the next few years. As for multi-user support, it would arguably be more useful on the iPad instead of the iPhone since the former is one that is generally shared among family members and friends.

Being a concept, it does go a bit overboard when it imagines that Apple would allow one to set default apps in iOS 14. That’s something we have wished for since the last few releases of iOS and it never materialized. Given Apple’s privacy-focused approach with its apps, it is unlikely that we are going to get the ability to change default apps in iOS anytime soon.

What are some of the features shown in the concept that you wish really made its way to iOS 14 next year? For me, it would be the new system icons and Split-View multitasking.  The latter would be useful on the iPhone 11 Pro as it has the required screen real estate to run two apps side-by-side.