iPhone 11 Pro Beaten by Huawei Mate 30 Pro in DxOMark’s Camera Review

DxOMark iPhone 11 Pro Camera Review

DxOMark is out with its review of the iPhone 11 Pro’s camera where the phone has scored a total of 117 points. This is good enough to ensure the iPhone 11 Pro is among the top 5 camera smartphones in DxOMark’s rankings, though it still falls short of the leader Huawei Mate 30 Pro and the Mi CC9 Pro Premium, both of which have 121 points. The iPhone also tied with the Galaxy Note 10+ in the rankings.

In the photo department, the iPhone 11 Pro scored 124 points, with DxOMark praising Apple’s Deep Fusion processing for retaining details that are usually otherwise washed away by smartphone cameras.

While the iPhone 11 Pro is able to take great photos in daylight with good exposure and dynamic range, it tends to struggle a bit in low-light scenarios. This is because Apple tends to focus more on details rather than noise reduction which ends up resulting in relatively noisy low-light photos. Apple has made noticeable improvements in this regard when compared to the iPhone XS Max but it still falls below the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, the table topper.

DxOMark praises the iPhone 11 Pro’s camera for accurate exposure, fast autofocus, and excellent ultra-wide lens with decent dynamic range. However, it cuts a few points for lack of details in images captured using flash and ones from the ultra-wide angle camera, noise in low-light conditions, and more.

In the video recording test, the iPhone 11 Pro scored 102 points and tied with the Mi Note CC9 Pro and its 108MP primary camera for the top spot. The phone’s video quality was praised for its wide dynamic range, excellent stabilization, and details, though DxOMark noted that there was jello effect while walking and white balance is unstable in indoor conditions.

Remember that photo and video quality are only one part of the equation. The Huawei Mate 30 Pro and the Mi CC9 Pro might rival the iPhone 11 Pro in these departments but none of them offer the same level of camera experience like it. In our own review of the iPhone 11 Pro, we found its imaging quality and experience excellent. We also found its camera quality better than the Galaxy Note10+ in our comparison.

[Via DxOMark]