These Discounted Cloud Storage Solutions Make Safeguarding Your Data A Breeze [Deals Up]

We’ve all got some pretty important things on our devices that we’d be devastated to lose. Why not invest in a little peace of mind with a cloud backup storage service. We’ve rounded up some options — all 89% off or more! — in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub that can keep your data safe and sound.

ThunderDrive Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription

First up? ThunderDrive Cloud Storage, a cloud service that’s 6 times faster than Amazon storage. It’s easy to set up and works with any web or mobile browser. Right now you can enjoy 2TB of storage with their affordable lifetime storage plan.

Buy now: in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for $39, 95% off the $1,200 MSRP

Polar Backup Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription

If you’re in the market for even more storage, Polar Backup Cloud can help. It allows you to smoothly store and backup all your important files with a generous 5TB of storage. There’s also duplication and redundancy to ensure your data is always available when you need it, and it can be stored from laptops, PCs and Mac devices alike.

Buy now: in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for $79.99, 89% off the $990 MSRP

Degoo Premium: Lifetime 10TB Backup Plan

For those serious about storage, Degoo Premium offers you the option of a 10TB backup plan. It allows for backups from all of your devices, and even lets you send files easily via email or links. There’s also the option of automatic backup which can keep your storage up to date with automatic file change detection.

Buy now: in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for $89.99, 97% off the $3,600 MSRP