Anker Announces First MFi Certified LED Flash for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro

Last week we had come across specs mentioning MFi (Made for iPhone) certified strobe. Now Anker has released a new LED flash that connects to iPhone 11 via the Lightning Connector.

Anker is the first company to launch an external flash for the iPhone. Typically external LED flash work connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth. However, the one from Anker uses Lightning cable in order to connect with the phone. Photographers believe that wired connection decreases the delay and will aid in better photography.

Anker’s new MFi iPhone LED flash is already available on the official website and is priced at $50. The accessory will work with the Apple Camera app and thankfully also supports other third-party apps. Furthermore, it can be used as an off-axis and also as a direct fill flash. Anker claims up to 10,000 shots per charge and you can recharge the same with a lightning cable. It can also operate in standalone flashlight mode. As far as compatibility is concerned, Anker’s LED flash only supports iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

Support for strobe and other accessories is very important for photographers. Until now most of the accessories are paired wirelessly over Bluetooth and use the companion app to sync with iPhone’s flash. The latest specs will let accessories to sync with the iPhone’s camera shutter button and also with other camera apps. Syncing over Bluetooth might be convenient but it is not ideal for photographers.

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[via TheVerge]