You Can Now Use WhatsApp to Create Reminders and Tasks in

Creating Any.Do Reminders & Tasks Via WhatsApp

Messaging apps are getting more versatile with each passing day. Facebook Messenger has always been the more feature-rich IM platform, offering bots, stickers, AR filters, shopping, payments, and whatnot. Now, the company’s other IM service, WhatsApp, seems to be catching up. It has collaborated with to let users create reminders and tasks via the messaging platform.

The WhatsApp Reminders integration is being pegged by as a quick and easy method to create events, reminders, and tasks directly from ongoing conversations with colleagues, friends, and family. The company states in its press release that users can create tasks or reminders by sending or forwarding a message to the Users will then be reminded about created tasks in WhatsApp when they are due.

To take advantage of this new feature, you would need to have to an Premium account. You can go to Settings > Integrations > WhatsApp, and add your phone number that’s registered with the IM service and tap Send. Once you enter the six-digit code that you received via a text message and tap Confirm, you can start creating tasks and reminders via WhatsApp. Using the feature through a desktop or via the web would have to use the same process like that on the Android or iOS app.

Since supports natural language parsing, it would understand your replies like “today evening” or “tomorrow at 10 AM.” If you use both and WhatsApp, do try out the new feature and let us know how it worked for you.

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