Apple Criticised for Using DMCA to Takedown Tweet Containing iPhone Encryption Key

iPhone 8 Plus Touch ID button

Apple is being criticized by security researchers for abusing the DMCA to take down a viral tweet which presumably contained the encryption key of the Secure Enclave processor found inside iPhones and iPads. Two days after the tweet was initially posted, Apple’s legal team sent Twitter a takedown notice to remove the tweet.

Twitter complied with the notice which led to the tweet being unavailable. Apple, later on, retracted its request and the tweet is once again available.

The Secure Enclave processor on an iPhone or iPad to store biometric data related to Touch ID or Face ID, Apple Pay related data, and more. It was designed in a way to remain isolated from the main AP so that its integrity and security is not compromised in any way.

The original report from Motherboard also mentions that Apple’s legal team presumably sent DMCA takedown requests for jailbreaking content found on the r/jailbreak sub-reddit. As it turns out though, someone was just impersonating the company and the takedown requests were not made by Apple’s legal team. Apple was initially criticized for sending these takedown requests and trying to stifle the jailbreaking community.

The jailbreaking scene has seen somewhat of a resurgence in recent times thanks to a new bootrom exploit that has paved the pay for an iOS 13 jailbreak for older iPhones.

It is unclear as to why Apple retracted its request for removing the encryption key of the Secure Enclave processor from Twitter. It is also unclear if the security of the Secure Enclave has been compromised or not now that its encryption key has been leaked.

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