Apple iPad Pro Works With Pro Display XDR

Apple Display Pro XDR

Ever since the Pro Display XDR was released last week along with the Mac Pro, there has been some vagueness regarding its compatibility. The company’s website lists the new Mac Pro, 15-inch MacBook Pro (2018), 16-inch MacBook Pro, and iMacs released this year as the devices compatible with the Pro Display XDR. Now, it has been revealed that it also works with the iPad Pro.

Earlier today, YouTuber Jonathan Morrison posted a video on Twitter showing that the Pro Display XDR works with the iPad Pro. However, going by the company’s iPad Pro webpage, we know that the tablet’s video output resolution maxes out at 4K 60Hz. Naturally, the Pro Display XDR would work with the iPad Pro at 4K resolution instead of the monitor’s native resolution of 6K.

The Pro Display XDR even shows up in the iPad Pro’s display settings. Jonathan Morrison also tested the new display with the 12-inch MacBook (2015) via its USB Type-C port, and it worked. However, it worked at 5K resolution rather than 6K, which is understandable looking at its puny integrated GPU.

The question of iPad Pro’s compatibility was first brought to people’s minds by MacStories’ founder Federico Viticci. Jonathan Morrison, who is one of the first reviewers in the world to get access to the Pro Display XDR, went ahead and tested if it would work with the iPad Pro’s USB Type-C port.

Apple doesn’t list the iMac Pro as a device that’s compatible with the Pro Display XDR. However, it was revealed last week that the high-end all-in-one PC does indeed work with the Pro Display XDR but at a reduced resolution of 5K instead of working at 6K resolution.

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