New Chat Feature Makes it Easier to Share Pictures on Google Photos

Google keeps on adding new and useful features to its Photos App. Recently, the Photos app gained a new feature that allows users to manually tag a person. Now the company has announced a chat app that is baked into Google Photos. The chat feature is aimed at helping users exchange photos by chatting with other users.

The chat feature seems like a faster and much easier way to share Google Photos. And most importantly it will not require you to build a shared album. The chat feature can be used when you choose “Send in Google Photos.” In the next step, you can choose your contact from the address book or most frequent contacts. Furthermore, you can also use this feature to initiate a group chat. This can be done by selecting “New Group” and adding contacts.

Google Photos lets you access chat at any time. In other words, all your chat sessions will exist until and unless you choose to delete them. Meanwhile, you can also choose to save all the photos on your phone with the help of the “All Photos” option. By using this you will be able to see only the photos and not the chat history.

Google has tried its hands on messaging apps like Hangouts and Allo. However, this time around, the company has baked in chat feature right into Google Photos. In all likelihood, users will finally be able to use Google Photos to communicate with their family while sharing pictures. The chat feature for Google Photos is launching today across iOS, Android, and web. However, the rollout is likely to be slow and it might be weeks before everyone gets the feature.

[via TechCrunch]