Facebook Confirms That It Is Accessing Your Location despite Switching Off Location Services

In the recent past, Facebook has taken a center stage when it comes to controversies and privacy concerns. The social media giant got embroiled in the Cambridge Analytica scandal which was followed by a series of accusations relating to user data and privacy. Last year, it was alleged that Facebook is accessing user location even when you turn off Location Services. Now the company has confirmed the allegations via a letter to two senators.

Facebook has furnished the information via a letter addressed to Senators Christopher A Coons and Josh Howley. The company explains that it uses other signals like geotagged photos, check-ins to deduce a user’s location.

When location services is off, Facebook may still understand people’s locations using information people share through their activities on Facebook or through IP addresses and other network connections they use.

As part of using Facebook, people may provide Facebook with specific information about their location … They may check-in at a restaurant or a store, or apply a location tag to a photo, or their friend might tag them in a check-in post.

Moving on, Facebook says that it serves all the ads based on location and the same will work even when users turn off location-tracking. It is indeed true that most of the Facebook ads are targeted based on locations and is meant for users within a particular region/city. On the other hand, it is unethical for Facebook to access user location, no matter the means used. It is scary that Facebook still doesn’t offer a way wherein users can choose not to share their location details.

Facebook is accessing your location without explicit permission, Do you agree that Facebook is invading our privacy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[via The Hill]