Future Apple Pencil Could Feature Haptic Feedback For Real Pencil-Like Feel

Apple is trying to make writing and drawing on its iPads as close to the real deal as possible. First, it reduced latency to a bare minimum and then changed its shape to resemble a real pencil. Now, it is trying to add haptic feedback to the stylus to make it feel like you’re writing on a real paper.

In a new patent (20190384402) by Apple that was recently published on USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), the company showcased an idea that includes equipping a stylus with a haptic feedback engine to make it feel like you are writing or drawing on a textured surface like a real paper.

Apparently, Apple has found a way to move the tip relative to its housing when force is applied to the tip. A force sensing system can detect when force is applied on the top, and then the haptic feedback system can use a magnetic field to move the tip accordingly. The haptic feedback can be induced in such a way that it simulates drawing on a real paper.

The patent mentions that a user can continue using the stylus even as they are receiving haptic feedback. It is also stated in the document that the tip is tied to a magnetic element so that the magnetic field induced by a coil can move the tip. Moreover, the company thinks that it is better to offer haptic feedback to the stylus rather than the whole stylus for a real pencil-like feel.

Our Take

The iPad maker had filed a similar patent back in 2015, and the first Apple Pencil was still a few months away from being announced. We think that there’s a chance of haptic feedback being used in the next Apple Pencil, whenever the firm announces the upcoming iPad Pro.

Apple has made more strides in making capacitive styli feel more like real pencils than any other brand. Apple pencils can detect hundreds of levels of pressure and act accordingly apart from measuring the angle for more accurate writing and drawing. Even the latency while writing on an Apple iPad Pro using an Apple Pencil is the best in the industry.

If you are someone who uses an Apple Pencil on an iPad on a daily basis, are you satisfied with its performance? What improvements can be further done by the company? Let us know via your comments.

[Source USPTO]