Google Maps for iOS Gets Incognito Mode

Google Maps has pretty much been an integral part of our lives. Most of us use Google Maps to find our way and get all the information about a particular place. One of the biggest qualm privacy advocates had is that Google Maps tracks out movements. In order to tackle this issue, Google has introduced Incognito Mode for Maps on iOS.

As you might have already figured out, Incognito mode on Google Maps is similar to the one found on the Chrome browser. The Incognito Mode for Google Maps had arrived on Android earlier this year and the same is now available on iOS. With this feature, you can stop places from being saved while using a signed-in Google Account.

Throughout this year, we’ve focused on making it easier to control, manage and delete your Location History information. Location History is off by default, and you can choose to delete all or part of your history automatically when you turn it on. We introduced auto-delete controls so you can choose to keep only three or 18 months’ worth of data—anything older than that will be automatically deleted. Your Data in Maps lets you quickly access your Location History and other privacy controls with just a few taps.

Alongside Incognito Mode, Google Maps has also gained a new Bulk delete in the Timeline feature. This feature allows you to quickly search for places and delete them in bulk. Timeline is a feature that saves your Location history or in other words the places that you have visited. Furthermore, you can also delete all of your Timeline by using data range which is available in Location History settings.

How to turn on Incognito Mode in Google Maps

You can enable Incognito mode on Google Maps by simply tapping on the profile picture. Once toggled on, Maps will no more save the locations you have been to and searched for. However, it also means that you will not get personalized Google Maps features like recommendations. The Incognito Mode is rolling out for iOS today.

[via Google]