iFixit Mac Pro Teardown First Impressions Offer a Deeper Look at Apple’s Latest Modular Desktop

As always iFixit has sprung into action and dissected the Mac Pro. The teardown offers a deeper look at Apple’s latest and fastest machine. We have already seen initial impression roundups and this teardown is perhaps the need of the hour. iFixit has uploaded a video that takes us through the teardown. As always the Mac Pro teardown analysis will be published on Monday.

This time around we already know all the major details about the Mac Pro. We also learned that Apple might be using one of the most affordable RAM and selling it for a huge premium as part of the upgrade kit. Furthermore, the support documents have bought us to the speed when it comes to hardware on the Mac Pro.

Apple’s Mac Pro is being teased as a cheese grater. Well, the design does resemble a cheese grater but apparently it is done to facilitate airflow. The folks at iFixit tried to grate actual cheese on the Mac Pro and guess what? It is not that great of a cheese grater! Despite failing as a grater, the Mac Pro seems like a well-built machine and the customization options will let you add all the processing/storage options that you need. Please visit us on Monday and check out the complete coverage of iFixit Mac Pro teardown.

The latest Mac Pro comes baked in with eight PCI-express slots. It is worth noting that PCI support will allow you to use existing PC hardware and add peripherals like sound cards and GPUs. The new Mac Pro starts at $5,999 and is aimed at advanced users wanting a powerful workstation. Speaking about the price, the top of the line Mac Pro is expected to cost upwards of $50,000.