Apple Likely to Name the iPhone SE 2 as iPhone 9

Lately, rumor mills have been churning a lot of information about iPhone SE 2. Just yesterday, reports mentioned that Apple will release five iPhones in 2021, with one being the iPhone SE2 Plus. Now a Japanese blog claims that Apple might actually name the “iPhone SE 2” as iPhone 9.

As we already know, Apple had skipped the number 9 and instead named their device iPhone X. In 2019, the new iPhones were numbered as 11. It makes sense for Apple to name the iPhone SE 2 as iPhone 9. If rumors are to be believed iPhone SE 2 looks identical to the iPhone 8 and also features a single-lens camera as opposed to multiple lens camera setups on other iPhones.

Furthermore, like the iPhone 8, the iPhone SE 2 is also expected to arrive with a smaller 4.7-inch display. However, even the 4.7-inch display is considerably larger than the 4-inch display on iPhone SE. On a related note, iPhone SE 2 Plus is expected to arrive with Touch ID in 2021.

In other words, the iPhone SE2 or iPhone 9 seems to be aimed at users who prefer smaller phones. It is also expected to be the most affordable iPhone. Earlier reports claim that the new low-cost iPhone will retail at $399 for the 64GB of storage. Moreover, the iPhone SE2/iPhone 9 will be available in Space Grey, Red and Silver colors.

Our Take

It is further reported that Apple will split its yearly release cycle into two phases. In the first phase, i.e first half of 2020, the company is expected to launch the entry-level iPhone. Apple is expected to launch the premium 2020 iPhone lineup in the second half of the year. This also means that iPhone SE 2/iPhone 9 is likely to be launched in the first half of 2020.

I am of the opinion that Apple is crowding its iPhone lineup with too many options. In all likelihood, the iPhone lineup is only going to get confusing every year.

Do you think it is necessary for Apple to offer four or five iPhones? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[via MacOtkara]