Decided To Add Wheels On Your Mac Pro? You Will Need Apple’s Help

Apple Mac Pro Wheels

The modular Mac Pro, which was released in the US yesterday, can be customized to add various official accessories and add-ons. Apart from regular hardware upgrades, you can also add wheels to its case, but you might need Apple’s help in doing so.

Apple has launched a support guide to explain exactly how to add or remove some parts to its highest-end PC ever. While adding or removing components like RAM, PCIe cards, Apple I/O Card, can be quickly done by the user, replacing any of the SSD modules or add wheels after purchasing the Mac Pro would require the user to contact Apple or ASP (Authorized Service Partner).

Users can pre-configure the Mac Pro to have wheels instead of regular metal legs. However, if buyers change their minds and decide to replace those legs with wheels at a later stage, they would need to ship the computer back to Apple or an ASP. Plus, you should know that adding wheels to the Mac Pro is quite a costly affair as they cost $400.

Guidelines To Replace SSD Or Add Wheels To Apple Mac Pro

Customizability is one of the coolest factors of Mac Pro. However, it also costs a bomb to upgrade it. If you have enough money, you can customize the Mac Pro to the brim, and keep it updating as years pass by.

Users can configure it with up to a 28-core Intel Xeon CPU, 1.5TB of ECC RAM, 8TB PCIe NVMe SSD, two Radeon Pro Vega II Duo GPUs with 64GB HBM2 VRAM, and an Apple AfterBurner Card. However, the price jumps steeply to over $53,000, as we reported yesterday. And this price doesn’t even include the Pro Display XDR, which costs $4,999 (without the $999 Pro Stand or the $199 VESA mount)

There are optional third-party add-ons as well, including fiber channel cards, fiber networking cards, audio interfaces, and video interfaces.

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