Apple’s Supplier, Murata Is Working on a Smaller Capacitor That Offers 10X Electrical Storage

Apple’s supplier, Murata is working on technology that will allow them to shrink an electronic component in size. Murata Manufacturing has developed a smaller version of an electronic component used in iPhones and this is likely to help Apple.

Murata Manufacturing is all set to mass manufacture small multilayer ceramic capacitors. The new capacitors are one-fifth of the space of the current capacitors and offer up to 10 times more electrical storage capacity. Each capacitor is 0.25mm by 0.125mm which is very small. Moreover, the ultra-small capacitors will be able to regulate power supply in a much better and efficient way.

The company could design tiny capacitors by refining the ceramic powder which is used as a base material in a capacitor. This allows for more sheets to be stacked up and thus achieve a higher capacity without consuming more space. 2020 iPhones are expected to arrive with 5G support and the small capacitors will free up the much-needed space for 5G modem. Or perhaps, Apple can think of increasing the battery capacity and make good use of space

Apple is yet to confirm whether or not it will use Murata’s capacitors on 2020 iPhones. It is worth noting that Murata has been an Apple supplier for quite some time. This also means that new smaller capacitors will be used by other smartphone manufacturers as well.

Our Take

iPhones released next year will arrive with 5G support. Apple not only needs to create space for the 5G modem but also take care of the battery issue. Yes, typically, 5G is expected to drain the battery faster than 4G and Apple might compensate for this on the latest iPhones by increasing battery capacity.

[via Nikkei]