Clamshell Styled Samsung Galaxy Fold Images Leaked

Samsung is experimenting with a new form factor and the latest is the Galaxy Fold. The foldable smartphone from Samsung had a bumpy start and this forced Samsung to delay the launch. Now it seems like the Korean company’s Galaxy Fold has been spotted on Weibo.

The device was first spotted by Ice Universe and looks very different from the Galaxy Fold. Furthermore, the phone resembles a clam-shell device and folds into itself. That apart, Samsung is also said to working on another high-end clamshell styled phone. Earlier, Bloomberg had reported that Samsung is doing to expand the Fold lineup with two new devices. Thats not all, Samsung also shared images of its clamshell concept phone in October.

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Fold clamshell device in February this year alongside Galaxy S11. However, Bloomberg’s earlier report and the leaked image do not exactly fall in line. For instance, it was reported that Samsung’s next phone will come with a five-camera or Penta camera setup. The leaked device comes with a dual-camera setup. Not sure if Samsung decided to switch from a five-camera setup to a dual camera on the clamshell phone.

In the early 2000s, clamshell phones were in a rage. Meanwhile, the iconic Moto Razr has made a comeback and will cost $2,499 when released in January next year. It is quite possible that Apple might launch a clamshell device as well. However, it is not going to happen in the near future. It is worth noting that Apple has some patents related to foldable display technology and Samsung is expected to supply a foldable display to Apple.

[via Weibo]