Siri Interrupts Live Weather Broadcast on BBC, Contradicts Reporter

Apple Watch Raise to Speak Siri

What happens when Siri interrupts a live news broadcast? Well, you are about to find out as it actually happened during the BBC’s weather forecast.

As you might know, the watchOS 5 brought with it the ‘Raise to Speak’ feature to the Apple Watch 3 and newer models. This option lets you activate Siri on your Apple Watch by just raising your hand and looking at the wearable; like you do to view the time.

People using this feature might know that it gets activated accidentally at times. For example, when you just raise your hand for something else and don’t intend to look at the watch or activate Siri for that matter. Well, that is what has happened with Tomasz Schafernaker of BBC, during a live weather forecast show he was anchoring on the channel.

Schafernaker, while explaining that many regions in the US might soon be seeing cold and snowy weather, raised his hand to point out the weather conditions on the screen. And this is when Siri on his Apple Watch was activated accidentally. If that wasn’t enough to interrupt the show, guess what happened next:

Siri contradicted the report from Schafernaker, saying “there is no snow in the forecast.” The anchor laughed and apologized for the interruption caused by his watch and tried to move on. However, another anchor sitting at the desk replied saying “There is snow in your forecast, I thought.” Schafernaker responded, saying “Yeah, but it probably doesn’t know what place I’m talking about.”

BBC soon tweeted about this hilarious incident, catching everyone’s attention on the social media platform. Later, Schafernaker followed up with a tweet saying that he had not summoned Siri, but it went off anyway. People then pointed it out to the reporter that he must have activated the Raise to Speak feature on his Apple Watch.