Twitter Finally Adds Live Photos Support by Using GIFs

Twitter is finally allowing iOS users to upload Live Photos on its platform. The company says that Live Photos will be displayed as gifs on Twitter.

Today, Twitter has also announced that it will preserve the JPEG quality on the web. Meanwhile, you can upload Live Photos on Twitter from anywhere and not just the web counterpart. Check out the tongue in cheek intro video below. The social media platform has introduced a bunch of new features like Topics which allows users to follow Tweets on a topic of interest without having to follow individual accounts.

Twitter has also changed the way it processes image uploads. Henceforth, JPEG quality will be preserved after uploading from Twitter via the web. Earlier, the images used to be compressed and thus resulted in considerable loss of quality. Twitter engineer, Nolan O-Brien has uploaded a JPEG image. However, please note that the original quality will be preserved only when you open the image. In other words, thumbnails and previews remain transcoded.


Recently Twitter also announced a feature that would allow its users to change the default 2FA (two-factor authentication) method. Until now Twitter users had to set SMS as 2FA with no way to change the default method. Starting now Twitter will let you authenticate by using mobile one-time code or even a hardware key. Lastly, we feel that the support for Live Photos on Twitter was long pending. It has been four years since Apple introduced Live Photos and Twitter is definitely late to the party.