Apple Pencil Patent Hints at Gesture Support, Camera, Biometric Sensor

As compared to the original Apple Pencil, the second-generation has evolved quite a bit. It comes with a double-tap feature that allows users to bring up access tools. A new patent suggests that Apple is working on more gestures for the upcoming Apple Pencil generations.

As of now, you can use a double-tap option to access and switch between tools like an eraser, color palette and much more. However, the patent details how Apple can add more gestures and features for Apple Pencil. Input capabilities are very important for a stylus as a person using it will not be touching screen. The company is looking into possibilities of integrating sensors along the walls of Apple Pencil.

Thats not all, one of the patents also talks about a sensor which can simulate the feeling of drawing with a pencil on an actual paper. A feature like this will definitely help artists or those who love the feel of pen and paper. Moving on, another patent talks about a camera on the tip of the pencil, the camera would record characteristics of surface and reproduce the same on the device.

Touch-based input devices, such as a stylus, can receive tactile input from a user. The tactile input functions can be performed by a touch sensor, such as a capacitive sensing device. A touch sensor can be integrated into a stylus in a low profile form. Tactile input can be received at the user’s natural grip location. Furthermore, the stylus can effectively distinguish between tactile inputs from a user and disregard sustained tactile inputs that are provided while the user simply holds the stylus at the user’s natural grip location.

The possibilities are endless, each tap can be customized or the software can decide based on the app that is opened on iPad or iPhone. Furthermore, the capacitive sensor will be designed in such a way that it responds only to deliberate taps. The capacitive touch sensors will be housed on the periphery of the device and will be capable of differentiating between the grip regions and other regions. It is very important to ensure that the device disregards accidental taps/touches.

Lastly, another patent talks about adding a processor, power supply or other sensors to the Apple Pencil. The scope of the patent also includes a biometric sensor, camera tripper or even a touch-sensitive trackpad. It would be interesting to see the patents materialize on future devices.

[via USPTO, Pocket Lint]