Apple Says EU’s Single Charging Solution Proposal Would Create ‘Unprecedented’ Plastic Waste

Apple iPad Pro USB Type-C port 02

The EU has recently been trying to bring a new mandate to force tech giants to adopt a common charging port for smartphones – the USB Type-C. According to the EU, this will reduce e-waste. It means that Apple will have to ditch its proprietary Lightning port in its iPhones in favor of USB Type-C port. That will be a big move for the company since it has been using Lightning port since 2012.

While it will be much more convenient for people to have USB Type-C port in their iPhones, since most devices nowadays have the same connectivity option, Apple isn’t ready to give in to the EU just yet. According to the brand, forcing it to adapt to USB Type-C port will render the existing Lightning port devices useless, creating “unprecedented e-waste,” counteracting the EU’s agenda.

It would also “Legislation would have a direct negative impact by disrupting the hundreds of millions of active devices and accessories used by our European customers and even more Apple customers worldwide, creating an unprecedented volume of electronic waste and greatly inconveniencing users,” the firm said in a statement, reports The Sun.

Apple also said that the industry is “already moving” to the USB Type-C standard, so it isn’t necessary for the EU to force tech companies to adapt to the new connectivity option. This statement from Apple suggests that the brand is working on implementing USB Type-C port in its iPhones or at least has plans for it, but it doesn’t like to be forced into doing something.

Our Take

If the EU does mandate the usage of USB Type-C port in smartphones, Apple will lose a ton of licensing fees that it gets from accessories manufacturers for the usage of the Lightning port. And we think Apple would want to delay offering USB Type-C port in its handsets for as long as it can to grab as much money as it can from the licensing fee.