Apple Watch Connected Program Offers Incentives for working out in Participating Gyms

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Apple has launched a new fitness program called Apple Watch Connected. As the name suggests, the program is aimed at helping Apple Watch users stay fit and works by offering incentives for the same.

The Apple Watch Connected program tracks users’ workouts and offers incentives. Apple has partnered with gyms at multiple locations and participants can earn as much as $4 discount on their gym membership every week. However, in order to do so, they need to meet certain goals.

Gyms don’t have to pay anything and can join the Apple Watch Connected program free of cost. That being said, gyms are required to meet the requirements which include having an iPhone and Apple Watch in order to track workouts. Furthermore, gyms can also offer equipment that supports GymKit.

At the time of launch, four gyms from select locations are participating. The list of launch partners includes YMCA, Orange Theory, Basecamp Fitness, and Crunch fitness. Meanwhile, gyms can choose between three tiers, each one of which offer different benefits for Apple Watch users.

This is how the program works, gyms need to offer ways for Apple Watch users to earn money. The users will be rewarded with weekly credit ranging from $3-$4 considering they meet certain goals. Typically, this should act as an incentive for gym-goers to workout more and avoid dropping out of the gym. Interestingly, Apple Watch Connected also considers workout done outside the gym. The credits will then apply to the next month’s gym bill. A couple of years ago, Vitality insurance offered a free Apple Watch Series 3 for members to stay active.

Basecamp Fitness is also offering the latest Apple Watch Series 5 which the users can pay for by participating in at least three classes a week for a year. It is worth noting that gyms have to accept Apple Pay in order to enroll in this program. Apple reaps benefits by encouraging gyms to use its payment system, and devices. Meanwhile, gyms can benefit from increased visibility, and increase customer retention.

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