AT&T Expands Its 5G+ Network to 12 More Cities


AT&T has announced that its mmWave-based ‘5G+’ network is now available in 12 more cities in the US – Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit, Menlo Park, Miami, Miami Gardens, Ocean City, Oakland, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Redwood City, and San Bruno – making the brand’s 5G+ service available in a total of 35 cities in the country.

Unfortunately, the 5G+ network is available only for business customers at the moment. There is no info when will AT&T roll it out to other consumers. That being said, regular consumers can enjoy the brand’s standard 5G network in 19 cities in the US. Anyway, it is worth mentioning that AT&T says in its press release that the 5G+ service is available ‘in parts’ of the 12 cities, which means that it won’t be accessible throughout the city, but only in selected areas.

If you are confused with the types of 5G services from the brand, you should know that AT&T offers two types of 5G networks in the US – 5G and 5G+. The standard 5G network works over low-band frequencies, whereas, the 5G+ uses high-band frequencies. The low-band spectrum can penetrate easily through walls and other structures. Therefore, it offers a wider network coverage. As for the high-band spectrum used by 5G+, it has a narrower range, but it also provides much faster data speeds.

With the coverage of 5G+ network reaching 35 cities, AT&T offers the highest coverage of the 5G+ service in the country, followed by Verizon, which has its 5G+ reach in 31 cities at the moment. While network operators are in a race to expand their 5G coverage throughout the country, there aren’t many handsets that support the new network. That being said, almost every brand is gearing up to launch its 5G smartphone in 2020, with Apple being one of them.

[Source: AT&T]