AT&T Offers Best 4G Download Speeds in the U.S, Verizon and T-Mobile Play Catch Up

In the past year, the state of 4G connectivity in the U.S seems to have improved a lot. Opensignal has published its latest Mobile Network Experience Report for the U.S. As expected the battle between Verizon and T-Mobile was very close and both the telecom operators garnered good ratings.

The report was put together after collecting more than 5 million data measurements from 1.6 million devices between September to December 2019. Furthermore, the report is segregated into different categories including download speed, upload speed, video experience, latency, 4G availability, 4G coverage and lastly voice app experience.

While 5G may be the focus for U.S. operators, 4G continues to play a vital role because that’s the network that handles the vast majority of their traffic and the one that most of their customers are using. In fact, Opensignal found that just 1% of speed tests conducted by 5G users in the U.S. actually use an active 5G connection. In addition, according to Ericsson’s 2019 Mobility Report, North America’s LTE penetration rate is the highest in the world accounting for 91% of all mobile subscriptions in the region.

The above infographics show how Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T stack up across several categories. As you can see, Verizon bags the award when it comes to 4G availability and 4G coverage experience. Meanwhile, T-Mobile scores a win when it comes to upload speed experience. That apart, AT&T is the winner when it comes to Download Speed experience and Latency experience. For the uninitiated, Latency is the delay between clicking on something and seeing the results. Lesser the latency, better the connection.

Download Speed Experience

AT&T’s average download speed is 27.5MBps which translates into a staggering increase of 22.2% as compared to last year. The graph also tells you how close T-Mobile and Verizon are when it comes to download speed experience.

Upload Speed Experience

T-Mobile comes first with an average speed of 8.6Mbps while Verizon closes in on second place with 7.9Mbps.

4G Availability

Despite prepping for the move to 5G, operators in the U.S have not neglected 4G availability. Verizon ranks first with 95.9% availability while T-Mobile is second with 95.4%.

4G coverage experience

Coverage Experience tells us about the quality of 4G signals from an operator’s network. On a scale of 10, Verizon scores 9.7 while AT&T comes close with 9.3.

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[via OpenSignal]