Chrome’s Media Hub Lets You Manage All the Audio, Video at One Place

Google has updated Chrome with global audio control that makes it super easy for users to control audio and video with a single click. We often find ourselves opening a bunch of tabs and suddenly out of nowhere we start hearing music. The worst part is that you have to open a tab and mute the one playing music.

Chrome’s latest update aims at fixing this issue by offering a global control for audio. All you need to do is click on the top right corner of Chrome and this will open the new media hub. The hub is more of a floating bar with playback controls.

Designed to minimize any disruptions to whatever you need to get done in your browser, the new media hub helps you to be more productive by bringing all your media notifications to one place and letting you manage each audio and video playback, without having to navigate any tabs. We first brought these media controls to Chromebooks in August, and today we rolled out the media hub in Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Since last year, Google is working on adding Media Controls, in the initial phase the feature was restricted to Chromebook users and then eventually rolled out for all Chrome users. Meanwhile, the features offered by the media tab seem to differ from one service to another. For instance, Google-owned YouTube seems to get more control as opposed to Spotify.

As part of earlier updates, Chrome already gets a media hardware key and a Picture-in-Picture feature. Google assures that it will add more functionality that will allow you to control media in Chrome even better. Personally, I find these small feature additions to be very intuitive.

[via Google]