Future Apple iMac With Keyboard and Trackpad Could Fit into a Single Sheet of Curved Glass

Apple iMac design concept

The design of the iMac hasn’t changed much since the past decade. The current generation of all-in-one PC from Apple carries over the same design philosophy of the iMac that came out in 2009. That, however, might change soon, as the Cupertino-based tech giant has filed for a patent for a curved iMac that would have its outer structure made entirely from glass.

According to the patent, the upper portion of the glass sheet will be a flat surface housing the display unit. The lower part will be curved in a way that it rests horizontally over the surface to offer an area where you place peripherals like the keyboard and a trackpad.

Well, as you can see in the patent image, the curved bottom part won’t be enough to hold the whole structure still. This is why the patent proposes a wedge at the rear of the PC to support the glass shell. This portion would most probably also pack ports and the computing hardware.

The same patent application shows another concept for the iMac. Here, the glass sheet is split into two parts, instead of being curved – the upper portion housing the display, and the bottom part for placing the peripherals, both attached to each other through a hinge.

While Apple has filed a patent for various designs of the iMac, it doesn’t mean they will make it to the market. It just indicates that the company is currently exploring its options for future PCs. What do you think about the new concept of iMac? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Our Take

The new design concepts for the iMac might look interesting, but we think that they are complicated, as offering a curved panel to just place keyboard and trackpad is an overkill.

[via USPTO]