iOS Users in the US Reportedly Spent over $3.6 Billion on Top 100 Subscription Apps in 2019

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iOS users in the US spend more than $3.6 billion on in-app subscriptions on top 100 apps last year. This is more than thrice of what Android users spent in the same period on the Play Store.

According to the latest intelligence report from Sensor Tower, in-app subscription revenue in the US grew 21% in 2019. Consumers in the region spent around $4.6 billion in the top 100 apps (excluding games). Figures for the same metric were $3.8 billion last year.

The revenue generated by these apps accounted for 19% of the $24 billion money that was spent by users in the entire US mobile market. This includes the money that was spent on the App Store and the Play Store. Moreover, it was found that among the top 100 highest-grossing, non-game apps, 96 apps offered in-app subscriptions.

Top 100 Apps In-App Subscription Revenue 2019 Sensor Tower

iOS (and iPadOS) users spent $3.6 billion for in-app subscriptions on the top 100 apps, while Android users spent $1.1 billion on the Play Store. App Store saw 16% year-on-year growth in 2019 when compared to $3.1 billion spent by users on in-app purchases in 2018. On the other hand, the Play Store saw revenues rise by 42% in 2019 compared to 2018. You can have a look at year-wise and store-wise numbers in the image below.

App Store vs. Play Store Top 100 Apps In-App Subscription Revenue 2019 Breakdown Sensor Tower

The top 10 apps overall were Tinder, Pandora, YouTube, HBO Now, Bumble, Hulu, Google One, LinkedIn, YouTube Music, and ESPN. Tinder topped the overall revenue charts (combining App Store and Play Store revenues) and it took home 10% of the mentioned in-app revenue, thanks to its $14.99 Tinder Gold and $9.99 Tinder Plus subscriptions. Pandora topped the charts in the Play Store revenue with its three tiers of subscriptions.

The top 10 grossing subscription apps on the App Store were YouTube, Tinder, Pandora, Hulu, Bumble, HBO Now, LinkedIn, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and ESPN. YouTube reportedly crossed $1 billion in revenue via the App Store. On the Google Play Store, the top 10 grossing subscription apps were Pandora, Google One, Tinder, HBO Now, Disney+, Twitch, Bumble, ESPN, LiveMe, and MeetMe.

Top 10 In-App Subscription Apps On App Store And Play Store In 2019 Sensor Tower

Our Take

Compared to the early years of revenue through the App Store (and even the Play Store), in-app subscriptions seem to have tremendously outgrown one-time purchases. No wonder, Apple which usually takes a 30% cut of revenue from app developers, drops its rates to as low as 15% for apps that can consistently maintain customers for longer than a year.

Moreover, seeing cloud storage apps like Google One making inroads in the top 10 list is a welcome change. It goes on to show that various varieties of apps still have a chance to make it among the big leagues of dating and media streaming apps.

[Via Sensor Tower]