iPhone 11 Pro Selfie Camera Beats iPhone XS Max in DxOMark’s Testing

DxOMark has published its review of the 12MP selfie camera of the iPhone 11 Pro. Compared to the iPhone XS, the iPhone 11 Pro comes with an upgraded higher resolution selfie camera.

The camera can also record 4K videos at 30fps along with slow-mo videos at 120fps. There are also underlying processing improvements that should make the iPhone 11 Pro’s selfie camera better than that of the iPhone  XS.

So, how good is the iPhone 11 Pro’s selfie camera? DxOMark gave it a total overall score of 92, with the device scoring 93 in photo and 90 in video recording.

DxOMark notes that while the iPhone 11 Pro’s selfie camera offers a nice improvement over the iPhone XS Max, it does not make it to its top 10 list. The wider lens on the iPhone 11 Pro helps one fit more people in a frame. There are other improvements as well including better focus, improved bokeh, wider dynamic range, and more.

The pleasant and vivid colors, accurate exposure, and long depth of field are the highlights of the iPhone 11 Pro’s selfie camera. Its downfalls include warm white balance casts, visible noise in all conditions, focus issues at long distances, and distortion of faces towards the edges of the frame.

In video recording, accurate exposure, effective stabilization, and good depth of field are the highlights of the selfie camera. However, videos from the front camera also suffer from the same issues as videos: heavy noise and white balance instabilities. Overall though, video recording remains a highlight of the iPhone 11 Pro and it ranks second only to the Pixel 2 here.

How happy are you with the selfie camera of the iPhone 11 Pro? Do you think Apple can improve it even further? Drop a comment and let us know!

[Via DxOMark]