iPhone 11 Users Reportedly Facing Problems with Wireless Apple CarPlay

Mazda is finally rolling out CarPlay

Apple had introduced wireless support for CarPlay with iOS 9. However, the adoption was very sluggish and only recently more car manufacturers are offering wireless Apple CarPlay. For some time, users have been complaining about issues with wireless CarPlay when used with iPhone 11. The issue seems rampant on Mini, however other models including Nissan and Honda are also affected.

I just upgraded from an Iphone X to Iphone 11 Pro. IOS 13.0 and now my Carplay sounds like an old Vinyl record with a scratch. playing music from the Phone skips randomly 5-15 seconds then skips again. I’ve reset the phone, I’ve erased the phone and just put 1 album on it, no luck. , updated to 13.1 and no change it still skips. My old Iphone X running 13.1 works perfectly. It’s so bad I listen to XM now. and don’t use my carplay to listen to music. My vehicle is a 2019 Mini Cooper JCW, I’ve had the dealership reset the ECU, any other ideas would be wonderful….”

Apple Support community is flooded with complaints about CarPlay and the thread runs into several pages. One of the users claims that the issue started after updating to iOS 13.1 on iPhone 11 Pro. Strangely enough, the complainant claims that iPhone X running iOS 13.1 is working fine with CarPlay wireless.

Hi, I own a 2019 Mini Cooper S (cabrio), and i have the same issue.. I had an iPhone XS with io13 and it worked perfectly! But when I switched to IPhone 11 that changed… is not only the skips, the CarPlay drops the connection and sometimes even freezes the screen… Hoping anyone has a solution soon!

The common theme is that the issue typically occurs on iPhone 11 Pro and not on older iPhones. Interestingly the problem was first reported way back in October 2019 and looks like it is yet to be solved. Meanwhile, some users say that Apple has acknowledged the issue. However, Apple is yet to issue an official statement.

Are you using wireless Apple CarPlay with iPhone 11? Let us know if you have faced any issues so far.