MGM Held Talks with Apple to Gauge Interest in Acquisition

CNBC reports claims that owners of MGM held talks with Apple as well as Netflix to “gauge their interest in an acquisition.” A report from last month had also claimed that Apple had held content partnership talks with MGM for Apple TV+.

The report is light on other details and whether Apple showed interest in acquiring MGM or not. The latter owns the rights to the entire James Bond catalog along with many of the current hit shows like “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Live PD,” and more. Even if Apple is not interested in acquiring MGM, it can do a content partnership with it which would provide it with access to MGM’s content library.

Right now, the biggest weakness of Apple TV+ is its limited content library. The streaming platform has fewer than 10 shows that is not enough to attract viewers. While all the shows have been originally produced by Apple, only a few of them have been praised and are worth watching. If Apple wants Apple TV+ to be taken seriously, it needs to work on improving its content library as soon as possible.

Apple is currently luring viewers to Apple TV+ by offering a yearly subscription of the service free to customers who purchase an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV+, or Mac.

[Via CNBC]