Nomad Unveils Base Station Stand Wireless Charger with AirPods Support

Accessory maker, Nomad has today unveiled the Base Station Stand. The single device wireless charger is Qi-certified and can be used to charge the iPhone and the AirPods.

Interestingly single device wireless charging stands are compatible with iPhone but not with AirPods. This is because they come with a single central charging coil. Nomad offers two charging coils, one horizontal and the other vertical. This allows Nomad to charge both iPhone and AirPods. This also means that you can charge your devices in both vertical and horizontal orientation. Each wireless coil offers 10W of power and you also get an 18W wall adapter bundled with the UK, US, and EU plug. Also offered is a USB-A>USB-C cable.

Typically multi-device wireless chargers suffer from dead spots, however, the Base Station Stand is a one-device charger and two 10W charging coils offer fast wireless charging. Most importantly you can view/use your phone whilst charging the same and you can do so in both landscape and portrait orientation.

The Nomad Base Station Stand is powered by USB-C. 2-meter braided USB-C and 18W power adapter are included in the box. Furthermore, the Base Station Stand is made out of an aluminum body and leather combo. The charging indicator dims itself during the night. As far as I am concerned, the charging stands are much more utilitarian, you can charge in multiple orientations. The Nomad Base Station is priced at $100 and can be purchased from the official website.