OnePlus Teases a Concept One Smartphone with a Disappearing Camera at the Rear

OnePlus has teased a new concept phone. The company has showcased the device just before the CES. In all likelihood, we may have to wait for CES in order to learn all the details.

Rumor mills had been predicting a foldable phone from OnePlus. However, the concept phone is not foldable but it still packs some interesting features. OnePlus claims that the concept boasts of an “invisible camera” at the back and a panel with “color-shifting glass technology.” As we said earlier, more details will surface at the CES 2020 which is going to be held next week.

The “invisible camera” sounds gimmicky, however, it seems like a neat trick to conceal ugly camera lens that protrudes from smartphones. Apparently the camera effect is created by using an electrochromic sheet of glass which will cover rear-facing cameras. The glass can switch between opaque to transparent with the help of an electrical signal. This also means that OnePlus doesn’t have to use mechanical covers or a motorized mechanism to hide the camera lens.

We are not sure how well the invisible camera will work. In all likelihood, it will just help OnePlus improve the aesthetics and market the device better. This is how Lauren Goode from Wired puts it in words “When you think ‘disappearing camera,’ you might envision some sort of magic act or a more pronounced physical transition.” The reporter has already seen the early version of the concept and says the effect is “a little anticlimactic.”

It is worth noting that McLaren offers electrochromic glasses as an option on some of its cars. OnePlus had worked with McLaren before and it seems like the company has partnered with Mc Laren for the invisible camera as well. Meanwhile, we are not sure how much power the electrochromic glass will consume.

[via Wired]