Sonos Will Continue to Update Its Legacy Products with Bug Fixes

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Sonos announced earlier this week that it would stop updating some of its legacy products starting in May 2020. The bigger issue was that Sonos was going to prevent users from having legacy and modern products inside a single home in its app.

The move led the company to receive a flurry of criticism and negative feedback from its customers who have spent thousands of dollars on Sonos products.

All that backlash seems to have had worked as Sonos CEO Patrick Spence has issued a statement clearing the air on how the company will handle its legacy products. He clarifies that all Sonos legacy products will continue to work as they do today. While the company will not add new features to its legacy products via software updates, it will roll out bug fixes and security patches as long as possible. And in case there is an issue that affects the core experience of the speaker, Sonos will “work to offer an alternative solution.”

The company is also working on allowing legacy and modern products to co-exist in a home.

Secondly, we heard you on the issue of legacy products and modern products not being able to coexist in your home. We are working on a way to split your system so that modern products work together and get the latest features, while legacy products work together and remain in their current state. We’re finalizing details on this plan and will share more in the coming weeks.

The Sonos speakers that are affected by this policy include the Bridge, the Connect, the Connect:Amp, the CR200 controller, the Play:5 (first generation), and all Sonos Zone players. These speakers were released between 2006 to 2009, making them over a decade old now. Thus, one cannot really blame Sonos for phasing out support for such devices now. It is in fact commendable that Sonos has supported its legacy products for so long and will continue to update them with bug fixes and security patches if necessary.

[Via Sonos]