This $10 Million Cyber Lab in New York City Is Dedicated to Cracking iPhones

iPhone unlocked(Hacked)

A New York-based publication, Fast Company, has revealed a $10 million cyber lab that is made to break into Apple’s iPhones and other such gadgets.

As you might know, government authorities want the Cupertino-based tech giant to unlock Apple devices of the accused and criminals to crack the government’s cases faster. However, the brand is adamant about keeping user’s data safe. And it has so far been successful at rejecting all of the government’s requests to break into people’s devices and extract their private data.

That, however, hasn’t stopped the administrative authorities to hack into Apple’s gadgets. Manhattan’s cybercrime unit and district attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. have made a laboratory inside the Lefkowitz State Office Building in lower Manhattan that is worth a whopping, $10 million, reports Fast Company. And it is built for only one purpose – extracting user data from gadgets like iPhones.

The publication reports that the team at the lab uses powerful gadgets to brute force and hack into gadgets. They reportedly have a supercomputer that can create up to 26 million passcode guesses a second. Moreover, the lab is said to be shielded by two metallic doors to keep the electromagnetic waves away so that people can’t remotely erase their device.

According to the report, the lab is filled with more than 3000 smartphones extracted from the accused, criminals, and the crime scenes that are waiting to be processed. The team in the lab has reportedly built a proprietary workflow management program, using open-source software, to triage the incredible volume of incoming devices and to escalate the most important cases.

This is just one lab, and I am speculating that there are many such under the pipeline. Although Apple has done its best, our data is no more secure.

Our Take:

If you want to keep your data private, the only thing you can do now is to keep it stored in offline devices. Although even that method isn’t totally safe, it is the best chance you’ve got.