We Now Know How Powerbeats 4 Would Look Like

Powerbeats 4

A recent iOS beta build had revealed that Apple is working on a new Powerbeats earphones – the Powerbeats 4. However, the details regarding the product were scare back then. And that changes today. The iOS 13.3.1 operating system that was released yesterday has a silhouette of the Powerbeats 4 in it, revealing key features of the earphones.

The first thing you’ll notice in the image is that Powerbeats 4 will have a wired connection between the left and right earbuds. And that’s a bummer since this era is all about the TWS earphones. That being said, the Powerbeats 4 will be an affordable offering from the brand, just like the Powerbeats 3. For those who want TWS earphones, they can go for the more premium, Powerbeats Pro.

The other thing that the image reveals is that the Powerbeats 4 will have a different earbud design compared to that of the Powerbeats 3. The new earphones have a more curved design, just like that of Powerbeats Pro. The new design should offer a better fit and comfort. Although, we can’t say anything for sure until we get our hands on one.

The Powerbeats 4 might feature Apple’s new, H1 chipset, instead of the W1 chip in the Powerbeats 3. The new processing unit offers stronger connectivity, better battery life, and ‘Hey Siri’ detection. Since the image of the new earphones is already baked into the iOS 13.3.1, its launch seems to be imminent. Expect them to launch in the first quarter of 2020.