This Quirky Apple Watch Band Lets You Store AirPods

Apple Watch AirBand

Ever wanted to store your AirPods for a few seconds but not in their actual case? Well, there’s an Apple Watch accessory that lets you do just that. Yes, an Apple Watch accessory for your AirPods.

AirBand is an Apple Watch band that has dedicated slots to store AirPods. It has two slots to store two earbuds, but as expected, they can’t be charged when they are stored in the band. The accessory is listed on Kickstarter, and it is priced at $30. The project has been listed with a pledge goal of $10,000 and it already has 26 backers. There was one more accessory that converted AirPods into earrings so that you don’t lose them.

The creator of the project, Matt Youngblood, explains that the AirBand is an excellent storage device that’s useful in temporarily storing Apple’s wireless earbuds on occasions when you want to quickly keep them aside but don’t have the case handy. It’s then when most people lose their AirPods, and the AirBand is targeted as a solution for those scenarios. It will be available in four colors: black, blue, pink, and white.

The AirBand is currently scheduled to ship in May 2020. However, you can get early-bird pricing of $20 for the accessory, which is a discount of $10, and get them delivered in April. However, even if you have a slightest of interest in the AirBand, you must proceed with caution as various Kickstarter projects have failed in the past, and those which have succeeded have seen delayed shipping.

What do you think of this accessory? Is it genius, quirky, or silly? Would be you interested in picking up such a band? Let us know in the comments section below.

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