iOS 13.4 Beta 1 vs iOS 13.3.1 Speed Test

What's New in iOS 13.4

Apple recently released the first developer beta of iOS 13.4. The latest beta release of iOS 13 comes with a number of changes and enhancements including new Memoji stickers, iCloud Drive Folder sharing, new toolbar in the Mail app, and more. What about performance though?

How does iOS 13.4 beta 1 compare iOS 13.3.1 in terms of app launching times? As a speedtest by YouTuber iAppleBytes shows, pretty much the same. There is no performance disparity between iOS 13.4 beta 1 and iOS 13.3.1. In all the benchmarks and app opening rounds, iOS 13.4 beta 1 performed pretty much the same as iOS 13.3.1 on the iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and the iPhone XR.

iOS 13.4 is likely going to be the last stable release of iOS 13 as Apple will focus on iOS 14 and its announcement at WWDC 2020 after that. So, it is important that iOS 13.4 offers a bug-free and stable experience, something which the initial builds of iOS 13 did not provide. Apple, however, has worked hard and rolled out plenty of iOS 13 updates after that to address as many issues as possible. Despite that, many iOS users have been unsatisfied with iOS 13 in terms of stability.

It is also good to see Apple ensure that newer builds of its OS do not slow down its older devices, something which the company ended up doing previously.

The final stable build of iOS 13.4 will probably be released in March when Apple announces the iPhone 9 and possibly its 2020 iPad Pro lineup. iOS 13.4 comes with a number of new features and enhancements which you can read here.