This Gadget Turns Your Smartphone Into a Universal Remote [Deals Hub]

“Where’s the remote?” How many times have you yelled this question? Imagine never needing to search through the pillows and couch cushions again, thanks to Hombli® Smart IR Remote Control, which turns your phone into a universal remote. This genius device is available now in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for $19.95, 50% off the usual price of $39.95.

Hombli Smart IR Remote Control makes your smartphone the universal remote for many of your other devices, simplifying your entertainment systems. It supports more than 80,000 IR controlled devices, which include your TV, DVD player, PVR and more from brands including Samsung, Sony and Philips. Control all of these devices with a 360° IR range or via Wi-Fi when you’re not home, and even set up hands-free commands with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You can also set up IFTTT to create custom automation with multiple smart home devices from other brands, making sure Hombli works the way you want it to.

Stop hunting down remotes with Hombli Smart IR Remote Control. Get it now in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for $19.95 today.

Prices subject to change.