Video: The New 2020 iPad Pro Bends Just as Easily as the Old iPad Pro

This is not the first time Apple devices have bent. A couple of years ago Apple was embroiled in a bendgate and recently the 2018 iPad Pro was bent easily. Apple has defended the bend in iPad Pro saying its well within operating tolerances and there is nothing to worry about.

This meant that the 2018 iPad could easily bend when a small amount of force is applied. In the past users have complained about how iPad bent even when it was kept in the backpack. Apple recently launched the 2020 iPad Pro and the new device borrows the same aluminum chassis as its predecessor.

Unfortunately, Apple has not worked on reinforcing the iPad Pro structure and the new iPad Pro bends just as easily as its predecessor. YouTube channel EverythingApplePro has uploaded a video that shows how easy it is to bend a new iPad Pro. In the video, they try to bend the new iPad Pro and it gives up very easily. Thats not all, on slightly increasing the pressure, the iPad Pro literally snapped in the middle and cracked the display.

2018 iPad Pro users were shocked when they received bent devices out of the box. Apple responded and agreed to replace any iPad Pro that is bent beyond the 400-micron tolerance. However, even slightly bent iPad Pro’s that didn’t qualify for replacement was an eyesore and not something one would expect after paying hundreds of dollars.

Our Take

We do understand that Apple puts in a lot of efforts and emphasize on design. However, devices that bend are rather an unreasonable trade-off. Most of us would use iPad Pro to carry to schools, colleges or workplaces in a bag. Looking at the video, there is a good chance that the new iPad Pro will be bent when you load it with heavy books or other items.

The term bendgate was coined when iPhone 6 started bending easily. Apple solved the issue by using a stronger grade of aluminum in the iPhone 6s. We hope the company takes stock of the issue on the new iPad Pro. If you want to protect your precious iPad Pro then it is better to go for an aftermarket case. We have already curated some of the best iPad Pro cases just for you, go ahead have a look.