Apple’s New Series of Remote Learning Videos Will Help Facilitate At-Home Education

Many countries have closed their schools owing to the COVID-19 outbreak. The educational institutions are exploring new ways in which they can teach the kids virtually. Apple has decided to help educators and has launched a new series of videos. These videos are designed to take advantage of the built-in features of devices like the iPad.

The first video is titled “Prepare Resources for Remote Learning” and is aimed at helping educators set up remote learning resources.

This video will help educators learn how to get up and running for remote learning with iPad. We’ll explore ways to access school resources and find apps that support remote learning. Tips will include using iPad built-in features to scan documents and stay organized, using Markup to annotate teacher materials and student work, getting set up with Voice Memos, and more.”

The second video is titled “CREATE AND SHARE PRESENTATIONS AND DEMOS” and explains how educators can create and presentations in an intuitive manner.

Presenting information in compelling ways is even more important when you’re not able to be face-to-face with your students. In this video we’ll show you how to use iPad built-in features to create demos and instructional videos and share them with your colleagues and students. Using Keynote, or any presentation tool, you’ll learn how to record content and create demos on iPad for use with your students.

Thats not all, Apple is adding new tutorials that will help you create engaging videos with Clips. In other words, educators can use Clips to create instructional videos and also let students share what they have learned. Educators can also take advantage of virtual conferences hosted by Apple Professional Learning Specialists.

[via Apple Education Learning]