Back Up Your Most Precious Memories While You Charge

It seems like every day there are places, people, and moments that make a special impact on your life. Most likely, you capture that memory with an iPhone — whether it was watching your favorite team win a game, celebrating a birthday with a loved one, or vacationing in a new city or country. With so many of your memories stored on one device, it’s a smart idea to back them up elsewhere in case your iPhone every gets lost, damaged, or destroyed (roughly 30% of iPhones suffer accidental damage each year according to a report from Lifeline Repairs).

The TOKK™ Photo Cube: 64GB Data Backup brings peace of mind to your daily life with effortless backups of your most precious data, and it’s on sale in the iPhone Hacks Deal Hub for $89.99. That’s 30% off the normal price of $129.

The TOKK™ Photo Cube is a perfect, compact accessory for those who want to back up their most precious data without any additional work or fussing with the cloud. Simply connect the Photo Cube to your charger and it will automatically copy all your data, including Photos, Videos, Calendar, Contact, and more. Hear that? You can conveniently back up your most recent memories from that game, birthday, or vacation while you’re taking a shower, brushing your teeth, sleeping, or getting ready for the day. By making this device a part of your normal charging habits, you won’t run the risk of losing any precious data if something were to happen to your iPhone.

What’s more, thanks to the Photo Cube’s smart backup design, you’ll receive a notification the instant when the Photo Cube’s memory card is full. This means you’ll know exactly when you need to set aside a little time to move the data from the Photo Cube to a more permanent location, like your Mac computer, so you can make room for new photos, videos, and the like to be backed up from your iPhone. And once that’s done, the Photo Cube will resume backing up where it left off, so you can rest easy knowing that all your precious memories are properly stored.

The TOKK™ Photo Cube: 64GB Data Backup is your all-in-one plug and backup device. Pick it up from the iPhone Hacks Deal Hub for just $89.99.