B&H Offering Amazing Discounts on the 16-inch MacBook Pro Including Custom Configurations

16-inch MacBook pro Black Friday deals

The 16-inch MacBook Pro has been frequently discounted by retailers since its launch late last year. The machine has been frequently discounted by $200, though we have also seen it discounted by as much as $300. B&H is now offering similar discounts on the 16-inch MacBook Pro including some custom configuration models.

Most retailers generally offer a discount on the pre-configured base and top-end model of the 16-inch MacBook Pro. B&H, however, is offering discounts on some other custom BTO configurations as well.

If you want the base 16-inch MacBook Pro, B&H has a $200 discount on it which brings its price down to $2,199. We have seen better discounts on this model of up to $300 previously.


You can get the top-end 16-inch MacBook Pro from Apple featuring an 8-core Core i9 processor, 16GB RAM, 1TB storage, and a Radeon Pro 5500M GPU for $2,499 after a $300 discount.


If you want the same configuration but with 32GB RAM, B&H is offering a $200 discount on it. This means instead of $3,199, you will only have to pay $2,999 for it. This is a great deal and if you are a creator or power user, you should definitely go for the 32GB RAM upgrade.


B&H has discounts on other custom configurations of the 16-inch MacBook Pro with higher storage, faster processor, and more RAM. You can check them out here.