Elon Musk Says Recent Buggy iOS Releases Broke His iPhone’s Email System

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has called out Apple for breaking his email system. The CEO made the comments while speaking on the stage at the Satellite 2020 conference.

Musk had previously said that technology is declining due to the quality of skills fading over time. When an interviewer further asked him to expand on this and how it relates to Space X’s Mars mission, the CEO explained that technology does not automatically improve. He then proceeded to highlight how being an iPhone user, he was affected by the recent software updates which broke his email system.

“What I was referring to is that technology does not automatically improve,” Musk said. “People are used to the phone being better every year. I’m an iPhone user, but I think some of the recent software updates have like been not great, certainly feeding into that point. It, like, broke my email system…which is quite fundamental.”

While the CEO did not elaborate further, it is clear that he was referring to the iOS 13 software update from Apple which was a buggy mess. The company had to roll out multiple software updates in quick succession to fix many of the major bugs in the OS. Even now, six months after its release, iOS 13 has a number of bugs that Apple is yet to take care of. Thankfully, Apple has changed its internal strategy with iOS 14 and it is focusing on bug fixes and stability so we should not see the same story repeat itself when the OS is released later this year.

[Via Business Insider]