iOS 13.4 vs iOS 13.3.1 Battery Life Comparison

iOS 13.3.1 might have been a minor bug fixing update but it led to a lot of iPhone users complaining about poor battery life and high battery drain. With the iOS 13.4 update now out, has things changed? Does the latest major point release of iOS 13 from Apple bring any improvements in terms of battery life?

YouTuber iAppleBytes conducted a battery life test on a variety of iPhones — iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone XR, and the iPhone 11 — all running iOS 13.4. He ran the Geekbench battery test on these devices and compared their time to how these performed in the same test while running iOS 13.3.1. In fact, since the iOS 13.4 GM and final release build are the same, the YouTuber has even posted a follow-up video after 5 days of using the Golden Master build to show if there was any impact on battery life.

The results are very actually very interesting and surprising. Almost all the iPhones showed a slight decline in battery life after installing the iOS 13.4 update and when compared to iOS 13.3.1. However, after a week, things seem to have settled down and all the iPhones baring the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 actually saw decent improvement in battery life and even outperformed their iOS 13.3.1 scores.

So, don’t panic if you notice that your iPhone’s battery is draining faster than usual after installing the iOS 13.4 update. You should wait for a week and let things settle down to gauge the real impact of the update on battery life.